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Welcome to the Leading Ventures blog, a valuable resource for business people and entrepreneurs. My goal is to provide you with sage insights and advice from my many years of experience in startups. This blog is for folks who are new to VC or  business leaders and product developers who wish to build on what they already know and have experienced in their existing ventures.

This series will cover the entire life-cycle of the venture: from initial ideation to the funding and formulation of your venture to the development of your product or intellectual property. It will also examine the best go-to-market strategies for selling your product in market, and issues that come up post-sale and how to renew the cycle as it repeats in perpetuity.

Though these are early days for this blog, I am very excited by the response I’ve received so far. I welcome your input, suggestions and look forward to hearing from you about your ventures soon – to do so please contact me here.

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