Jitin “Jit” Agarwal is the CEO & Co-Founder/Venture Leader of assetSERV™ – which is among a new breed of products built by Cognizant.

He has an extensive background working in and leading ventures with 20+ years of experience across 7+ ventures to date. His most recent foray into the market is with assetSERV™ which is world class software platform rated #1 by Forrester for SaaS DAM and #4 Overall DAM. By virtue of his experience with multiple ventures he has amassed a wealth of expertise in all aspects of the venture lifecycle from ideation, to funding, to development, to sales and marketing, to post-sales customer service and support. Uniquely Jit’s background includes successfully leading startups both within large enterprises (Intrapreneurial) and standalone venture-funded (Entrepreneurial) ventures over his career.

Jit holds Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and Computer Science. He is a passionate, motivational leader with a natural ability to teach and mentor. Jit enjoys sharing his experiences with others and, in the process, hopes to encourage others to launch their own ventures or take existing ventures to the next level of success.